There are now four suspects who’ve been taken into custody in connection with the shooting that followed graduation ceremonies at Oakland's Skyline High School, and their getaway car may have been a stolen Maserati.

There wasn’t much detail at first when we received last week’s awful news of a shooting outside Skyline High School’s graduation ceremony in Oakland shortly after the ceremony had finished. In Friday updates the morning after, we learned that three people had been shot and injured, and one suspect had been taken into custody. But law enforcement officials knew a lot more than they were letting on at the time.

We are now learning  more of what they knew, thanks to a Tuesday update from, of all organizations, the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department (EBRPD). And that department notes, as KRON4 reports, that three juvenile suspects connected with the shootings had also been taken into custody the night of the shootings. And it was a stolen Maserati that led to them being caught.

As the EBRPD explains in the Facebook post above, they were the first law enforcement organization on the scene, just because they happened to be the closest when the shooting occurred. They were listening to Oakland Police Department scanners when they heard news of the shooting, officers immediately headed to the scene, and they provided medical care to one of the victims. They were also informed that three suspects had fled on foot toward the adjacent Anthony Chabot Park.

“During that time, three Hispanic male juveniles foot-bailed into the Upper San Leandro watershed area upon seeing one of our officers,” the department said in their post. “The suspects were associated with a recent carjacking [of a] Maserati out of Oakland.”

They were able to quickly grab one suspect, who happened to be in possession of a loaded Glock 27 pistol, and the keys to the stolen Maserati. The two other juvenile suspects were apprehended 90 minutes later.

These three minors taken into custody are separate from the adult who we learned had been arrested on Friday. Being minors, their identities are not being released, and it’s unclear whether they’ve been charged or are still in custody.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oakland Police Department at (510) 238-3426. Anyone with photos or video of the incident is asked to send them to [email protected].

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Image: East Bay Regional Park District Police Department via Facebook