The lasers came on again up Market Street Monday night, beaming up from the Ferry Building toward Twin Peaks and beyond, and this time it was a multi-color, pastel display.

As we noted last week, the organization that brought us the rainbow highway of laser lights up Market Street for Pride Weekend this year and last, Illuminated, reinstalled those laser cannons in honor of our APEC summit visitors. And Monday night was their first night to shine, showing off a non-rainbow, but equally colorful display that was aided by a night without fog or clouds.

Tonight and tomorrow we may not be so lucky, with some rain in the forecast. But perhaps on Thursday we'll get another clear shot at the lasers, if you didn't make it out to see them last night — or if they weren't beaming past or over your neighborhood.

Below, a few shots and video from Monday.

Photo: City and County of SF/Facebook
Photo: City and County of SF/Facebook
Photo: dabekins/Instagram

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