Your Golden State Warriors will miss the playoffs after getting blown out in their Play-In Tournament game against the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night, and Klay Thompson going 0-10 on shooting and completely scoreless does not bode well for his Warriors future.

You are probably aware by now that the Golden State Warriors lost to the Sacramento Kings 118-94 Tuesday night, meaning they will miss the playoffs this season despite having the most expensive roster in NBA history. And you may be aware by now that again fan favorite Klay Thompson had a dismal 0-10 shooting night, the first-ever scoreless postseason performance of his career.

Thompson’s contract with the Warriors is now expired, which ended up not being a major distraction this season, but it was clearly on his mind that this may have been his last game with the Warriors as he left the court after the Warriors’ elimination loss.

This box score in the Chronicle says it all. Thompson played more than 31 minutes without scoring a single point, and only had one assist. (Meanwhile, Kings youngsters Keegan Murray and De’Aaron Fox ran wild with 32 and 24 points, respectively). Thompson did not speak with reporters after the game.

But Steph Curry did, and he addressed his hopes for Thompson’s likely upcoming free agency. “At the end of the day, I just want to win,” Curry told reporters, according to the Bay Area News Group. “I know that’s fully possible. I know this summer’s going to be a lot of conversations, trying to set up ourselves to win — whatever that means. I hope that’s the outcome.”

“I could never see myself not with those two guys,” Curry said of Thompson and Draymond Green.

But the economic reality is that other teams will be allowed to offer Thompson contracts, and the Warriors may be unwilling to match those offers, given Thompson’s lower production — and particularly Tuesday night’s worthless production. We’ve probably got a three-year window at the most remaining with Steph Curry (who is 36), while Thompson and Green are both 34. Younger players may simply be a better use of the Warriors' salary cap space.

“This is life. This is how it works,” coach Steve Kerr said after the game, per the Chronicle. “You don’t get to stay on top forever. What happens this summer and going into next year, we’ll worry about that later.”

If it’s any consolation, Steph Curry will be playing for Team USA at this summer’s Paris Olympics. But otherwise, that above sad video may be the last we see of that three-man Warriors core that won four championships, made two NBA Finals, and redefined the modern game as we know it.

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Image: SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 16: Klay Thompson #11 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after missing a shot against the Sacramento Kings in the second half during the Play-In Tournament at Golden 1 Center on April 16, 2024 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)