The “dirty player” reputation of Draymond Green was cemented yet further when he punched one of the Phoenix Suns in Tuesday night’s game, and after the game, the Suns literally questioned Green’s sanity.

Here’s a stunning statistic: Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has been ejected from 20% of the games he has played in this NBA season. And just two weeks after serving a five-game suspension for putting another player in a chokehold, the Chronicle reports that Green was ejected from the game again Tuesday night for punching Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić in the face.

Green’s third ejection of the season (a season that is not even two months in, mind you) came with 8:23 left in the third quarter, with the Warriors leading 65-60. Nurkić did do a slight little jersey grab on Green, as seen below, but Green responded with a whip-around elbow-smack that bludgeoned directly into Nurkić’s face. With Green ejected, the Warriors went on to lose 119-116.

“He was pulling my hip, I was swinging away to sell the call and I made contact with him,” Green said after the game, according to the Chronicle. “As you know, I’m not one to apologize for things I meant to do, but I do apologize to Jusuf because I didn’t intend to hit him."

But Jusuf Nurkić was quite brutal towards Green in his own postgame remarks, clearly implying that Green’s issues go beyond basketball.

“What’s going on with him, I don’t know. That brother needs the help,” Nurkić said. “I’m glad he did not try to choke me. At the same time, that had nothing to do with basketball.”

There has been no league ruling on any sort of suspension, but that’s likely coming at some point today. For what it’s worth, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith predicts a “ten games, minimum” suspension. That would mean Draymond would not play again until 2024. Of course Smith is largely speculating, but it’s well-known that the NBA does not look at just the individual foul, but the player’s larger track record. And at this point, no one’s track record is worse than Draymond Green’s.

With Tuesday night’s loss, your Golden State Warriors are now 10-14 — below .500, a few games past the quarter-mark of the season. This season started with the promise of the Chris Paul experiment working beautifully; they were a solid road team unlike last year, and Paul successfully curtailed their turnover habit. After a sizzling 6-1 start, the Warriors have now lost 11 of their last 15 games, and they're about to lose Draymond Green for a bunch more of those games. It’s another unnecessary Draymond sideshow that will cue the “dynasty is finished” discourse again.

Update: Green has now been suspended from the NBA indefinitely due to his "history of unsportsmanlike behavior."

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Image: PHOENIX, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 12: Draymond Green #23 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after being ejected for a flagrant foul during the second half of the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns at Footprint Center on December 12, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Suns defeated the Warriors 119-116. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)