They’ve polished their last nail and served their last shot at the Mission and 19th street kitsch nightclub Beauty Bar, which apparently closed and laid off all staff over the weekend following a reported sale.

The sparkly faux glam of the Mission District’s Beauty Bar was actually born in Manhattan, as the place was a small-ish chain that eventually had locations in Los Angeles and Dallas. But Beauty Bar did not feel like a chain, bringing a splash of technicolor kitsch to a fairly grim corner, with vintage hair dryer chairs and a hairdressers’ station, its notoriously tiny but packed dance floors, and a “Martini and Manicure” deal where people really would get their nails done in the bar.

But Beauty Bar’s 25-year run is over, as the Chronicle reported Monday that Beauty Bar had closed permanently. The Chron notes that the nightclub’s website is defunct, their phone number out of service, and they confirmed the news with a former bar manager who said he’s “spoken with several of the staff members, who have all acknowledged that Beauty Bar has indeed closed.”

SFGate obtained the group message where staff were notified this weekend that the bar had closed, and their final paychecks would come Monday. “This is such a terribly difficult pill to swallow but it’s just time,” managing owner Aaron Buhrz said in the message.

That outlet also spoke to a regular Beauty Bar DJ, who indicated the writing had been on the wall. “I’m pretty sure the bar was going to close anyway, but I thought we had until the summer. I don’t know what happened to make them close so abruptly,” Marcel Howard (DJ Yo Celly) told SFGate. He mentioned contributing factors of “violence” and a “lack of crowd.”

Obviously, violence was a factor at 19th and Mission streets, with its proximity to the often-troubled Capp Street. Broke-Ass Stuart notes that a customer was abducted by people who attempted to traffic her after leaving the club in 2016, and a man was shot outside the club while celebrating his birthday there in 2017.

Despite those rough patches, the SF Beauty Bar lasted longer than most of the others. Most others Beauty Bar locations in other cities had closed too, with the LA location closing in 2013, a Brooklyn location closing in 2015, and a Dallas location closing in 2019.

Update: The above Mission Local report above notes that Beauty Bar owners “sold the business,” and a sign has been posted on the door saying, “The Beauty Bar is getting a facelift, see you next summer!!!.” That same reports also notes there were gunshots fired at the bar last week, “leaving a fist-size hole in the bar’s window.”

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Image: Carolina S. via Yelp