Broad Street Oyster Co. just opened its first Bay Area location at Ghirardelli Square, a hot taqueria from Richmond arrives in the Castro, and the Chronicle reviews Z&Y Peking Duck.

Trendy Los Angeles seafood spot Broad Street Oyster Co., known for its caviar-topped lobter rolls and seafood platters, has just opened its first Bay Area location at Ghirardelli Square. As KRON4 and others reported, the five-year-old restaurant chain, which was trendy enough to pop up in VIP at Coachella in 2022, just opened its SF location on Wednesday, and they are serving cioppino.

Over at Lower Pac Heights fine dining spot Anomaly, chef Mike Lanham is now offering an abbreviated weeknight experience for those who don't want to do a full tasting menu on a weeknight. The abbreviated menu currently has seven courses for $109, with a fair bit of overlap with the full 11-course tasting menu, and is available Tuesday to Thursday. Find reservations and menus here.

One of the hottest taco spots in the East Bay, Tacos El Tucan in Richmond, is about to open a new location in the Castro, downstairs from The Lookout — in the space occupied by Bonita Taqueria for the last two years. Hoodline broke the news earlier this week, and the Chronicle subsequently noted that its "Tijuana-style tacos made with grilled meats like smoky carne asada atop hand-pressed corn tortillas" have been a huge hit, and now will be going up against the Tijuana-style tacos being made just a block down Market at Copas.

Vegetarian tasting menu pop-up Fare Play is doing a three-month residency at the Joint Venture Kitchen space at 167 11th Street, and Eater just profiled chef Brenden Blaine Darby and the dinner-party-esque pop-up. "We have a queer staff of friends that make it a blast to work in there," Darby says. "And so as long as everybody’s having a good time, we want to keep going."

A new Thai place, Khao Tiew, just opened in West Portal, in the former Chiaya Thai space. The new owners took over from the previous owner, who moved back to Thailand, as Tablehopper reports.

Over in Berkeley, Three One Four pizza lounge opened Thursday in the former Lalime's space at 1329 Gilman Street. Writing for the Chronicle now, former SFist scribe Eve Batey describes the uphill climb that owners Brandon Wilson and Josh Sizemore have had in getting the place open, finding that the building was in a near tear-down state when they took possession in 2020. But with Italian-born pizza chef Mario Vollera now on board, the "crispy-chewy" pies are happening, and there are other special treats like a baked rigatoni topped with a pizza crust.

New Chronicle critic MacKenzie Chung Fegan may be filing two reviews a week, Sunday and Thursday, the way Michael Bauer used to, and the Thursday review this week was of Z&Y Peking Duck. She's mostly a fan! The offshoot of Z&Y that opened late last year has some "luxury" riffs on tradition, like an appetizer of five pieces of Peking duck with caviar on top of them ($158), and a more reasonable shrimp fried rice with black truffle ($22) that she calls "a successful and subtle riff on the classic duo of egg and truffle." In addition to the lavish and near-perfect sounding Peking duck service, Chung Fegan also recommends the "spicy Peking duck" that is available even with they run out of regular ducks, which is duck on the bone braised in a spicy sauce.

Photo via Broad Street Oyster Co./Instagram