Governor Gavin Newsom says his Oakland crime crackdown is working, announcing that California Highway Patrol sting operations have netted 168 suspects and 360 stolen cars since early February.

Amidst an ongoing Oakland crime surge, Governor Gavin Newsom announced in early February that he was sending more than 100 extra California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers for some sort of planned Oakland crime crackdown. Well, here it is five weeks later, and Newsom is declaring loudly that he’s gotten results.

KRON4 reports that Newsom’s office announced Tuesday that the CHP officers have made 168 arrests and recovered 360 stolen vehicles in Oakland since the operation started February 5.

“Through coordinated efforts like this, state and local law enforcement are disrupting criminal networks, apprehending dangerous individuals, and making our streets safer for all Californians,” Newsom said in a Tuesday press release. “We will continue to invest resources, collaborate with local partners, and take decisive action to combat crime and uphold the rule of law in Oakland and across the state.”

There are scarce details in the announcement on specifics, which may be intentional and tactical — because the efforts are described as “sting operations.” But KTVU notes that the number includes the 71 arrests made in the first five days of the operation. It’s uncertain whether the extra 120 CHP officers deployed to Oakland for the effort are still on that East Bay detail, but Newsom’s release notes that “The CHP continues to have an expanded and visible presence in Oakland.”

According to that announcement, the 168 suspects face charges including “possession of stolen property, auto theft, transportation of narcotics, DUI, and felony gun possession, as well as arrests for outstanding warrants.”

The release notes that local law enforcement agencies were also involved, in capacities of “undercover operations and uniformed patrol.” And the announcement adds that CHP will continue to “conduct additional unannounced operations in the East Bay.”

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Image: CHP - Oakland via Facebook