• Chronicle historian Peter Hartlaub has a brief history piece on the 77-year-old Macy's Union Square, which announced its upcoming closure on Tuesday. In addition to being a major retail touchstone for generations of San Franciscans, Macy's has been a major regular advertiser in the Chronicle. [Chronicle]
  • Following Tuesday's apology resolution by the SF Board of Supervisors to the city's Black community, reparations committee member Rev. Amos Brown has laid out several key areas he says the city should invest in. In lieu of cash payments to individuals, the city should designate 40% of the affordable housing lottery to Black residents, he suggests — even though that would be illegal under federal law. [Chronicle]
  • As expected, and maybe just a day behind schedule, the Academy of Sciences' corpse flower went into bloom on Tuesday, and you have just another day or two to go smell it, if you wish. [KPIX]
  • The Walgreens at 275 Sacramento Street in the Financial District has closed, as announced last month, citing a significant loss in foot traffic since the pandemic. [KRON4]
  • A new study being published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association finds that daily weed smoking increasing heart-attack risk by 25% and stroke risk by 42%. [Chronicle]
  • Apple has officially shut down its electric-vehicle program, known as Project Titan, and moved all its staff to the AI division. [CNN]
  • Two months after closing in San Francisco, Urban Putt has opened a new mini-golf course and restaurant in San Jose. [ABC 7]

Photo via California Academy of Sciences/X