Police are investigating after they discovered two Teslas on fire within a few blocks of each other in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood on Saturday morning.

The fire department responded to the first fire around 1 a.m. at Shipley and Fourth streets, and the second vehicle fire at Mabini and Bonifacio streets shortly after, per the Chronicle. Both cars were reportedly Tesla Model Y’s.

One of the Tesla owners, only identified as “Chris,” told the Chronicle that all that was left in the spot he parked in — which was right outside his home — was a pile of char and some scrap metal, because police had apparently towed the car immediately. He says that the police didn’t show him a picture of his car.

Police reportedly told the owner that they were reviewing nearby surveillance footage to find more evidence, but they suspect arson in the two car fires, due to the similarities in the crimes. (Although spontaneous Tesla fires aren't unheard of.) Still, spokespeople for the police and fire departments declined to comment on the investigation.

Meanwhile, Chris said that he was “shocked” by the event in the “normally very safe neighborhood.”

There have been a total of 37 individual arson incidents since the begiinnngin of the year, according to SFPD crime data (including the recent immolation of a self-driving car).

Feature image via Unsplash/Tyler Casey.