The mayors of SF and Kansas City made their obligatory Super Bowl friendly wager Friday morning on MSNBC, both offering up the most extremely obvious food dishes associated with their cities.

With the 49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl coming up Sunday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed held a Friday press event urging San Franciscans to not to riot and burn things and do sideshows afer the game, as we sometimes do when celebrating a sports championship. According to SFGate, she actually used the phrase “Don’t jump on the buses.”

But earlier in the day, Breed made a different kind of media appearance. In a nod to the old tradition of mayors making symbolic bets with one another when their teams are in the Super Bowl or World Series, Breed made that bet appearance Friday on MSNBC Reports in a joint appearance with Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas.  

So what did they say they’d send each other if their team loses the Super Bowl? The most obvious choices possible; Breed said she would send Dungeness crab, Lucas said he would send barbecue. Though there was a little more to it than that.

“It’s crab season right now, so we’re going to bet some great Dungeness crab from Fisherman’s Wharf,” Breed said in her signature fake-enthusiasm tone. “And we’re going to bet the Golden Gate Bridge. But not the real one of course, we’re going to send you a replica. But you may never get that, Mayor, because we’re ready for you this year.”

For his part, Lucas offered, “From our side we are looking at barbecue of course, a great Kansas City tradition. But since you have raised the stakes with the Golden Gate Bridge, I am wearing some Taylor Swift friendship bracelets. I went to her show this year, 13-year-old girls were handing them to me. So I’ll send you a whole set, this one says ‘Super Bowl champs’ for the Chiefs. We’ll get you everything you might need.”

Breed was at least a little more creative when these two teams played in the 2020 Super Bowl. That year, NBC Bay Area reported that Breed offered Thanh Long garlic noodles and crab, Dianda’s Bakery rum cake, and Anchor Brewing Co. beer. Lucas offered the same Gates BBQ, plus apparel from the Kansas City-based Charlie Hustle.

These friendly wages have also spilled over into both cities’ District Attorney offices. SF DA Brooke Jenkins said she'd wear a Patrick Mahomes in a social media post if the 49ers lost (she actually put out a press release announcing this), whereas Kansas City DA said she'd do the same in a Brock Purdy jersey should the Chiefs lose.

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Image: @LondonBreed via Twitter