• On literally the same day that Levi’s announced they’d pay $170 million to extend the Levi’s Stadium naming rights, Levi’s also announced they’d be laying off 10% of their global corporate workforce. The layoffs will affect the corporate workforce, not retail employees, but that's sure got to sting for those white-collar workers with the announcement coming on the same day as the pricey naming rights deal. [CNBC]
  • 24-year-old Valencia Street coffee house Muddy Waters is reportedly up for sale. In fact, it’s for sale on Craigslist. The asking price is $75,000, and the cafe owners' daughter confirmed to Mission Local that the place was up for sale, but staff were caught off guard by the news. [Mission Local]
  • Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe has legally changed his name to Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe. The mayor was born to a mother who was in prison, and he was then raised by a Mexican immigrant family named Hernandez, so a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge granted Hernandez-Thorpe the name change on Monday. [KRON4]
  • After an incident where an Alameda County sheriff’s deputy was shot while serving an eviction notice Wednesday, the two people suspected in the shooting took their own lives. [Chronicle]
  • Another tragic footnote to last week’s Half Moon Bay plane crash, as the body of confirmed victim Cassidy Petit was found Wednesday. She was 26. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A new class-action suit against Philz Coffee claims that an item labeled as gluten-free actually had gluten in it, and the plaintiff claims they suffered “substantial bodily symptoms and injuries.” [SFGate]

Image: Jack D. via Yelp