San Jose police found Acela Pineda Silva, who went missing around 2 a.m. Saturday morning in San Jose.

She was reportedly inside a vehicle that stolen by a group of people near North Fifth and St. John streets in downtown San Jose. Police have since recovered the car, but Silva wasn't immediately found. Luckily, a good Samaritan recognized Silva from news alerts and brought her to the police station, as KNTV reported. She was apparently visibly shaken, but only suffered minor injuries.

Police later arrested one suspect on suspicion of kidnapping, per KNTV. Authorities said that it does not appear that Silva knew her alleged kidnapper. Police did not say where Silva was found.

Silva is described as a 5’9”, 31-year-old Hispanic woman, according to KTVU. She has long black hair, weighs approximately 150 lbs., and was last seen wearing a black sweater and black skirt.

As San Jose police said on social media, “one of the suspects and the victim are still unaccounted for.”

"The victim did not leave willingly," police added.

Authorities are asking for the public’s assistance to find Silva and to send in tips if they see her. They have not released descriptions of any suspects, and it’s unclear how many people were involved.

Image via Tony Webster, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons.