A hit-and-run suspect who was fleeing from San Francisco police on Tuesday allegedly struck a car and a pedestrian as he tried to escape arrest, leading to multiple injuries.

The SFPD says that officers spotted a suspect vehicle, which was identified as being connected to an earlier hit-and-run collision, in the vicinity of Larkin and McAllister streets around 6 p.m. Tuesday. The vehicle then "sped off and hit an uninvolved car," according to police, speaking to KRON4.

That uninvolved vehicle had three people inside, all of whom were reportedly hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

A police chase ensued, during which the suspect vehicle allegedly struck a pedestrian, who was also left with non-life-threatening injuries. It's not clear from the report where that collision took place.

The suspect was ultimately apprehended near Pennsylvania Street in Potrero Hill — the exact intersection has not yet been reported. It's also not clear how the chase concluded, but the suspect is reportedly in police custody after being hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries himself — presumably following a collision in Potrero Hill.

Police say the suspect had an open arrest warrant for illegal firearm possession.

There were multiple police chases in San Francisco this year, giving rise to renewed debate about the safety of innocent bystanders when police initiate such chases in urban environments. In one incident in June, a chase in the Mission District led to two people being injured, and the suspect vehicle crashed into the former Lucca Ravioli building.

In another incident in September, CHP officers chased a van from Redwood City into San Francisco, where it crashed into a wall by the Moscone Center.

In another wild incident from October, SFPD officers chased a suspect believed to have committed an assault inside a North Beach church, and the suspect proceeded to allegedly throw multiple explosives, possibly Molotov cocktails, at pursuing officers. That suspect fled across the Bay Bridge where CHP officers took up the chase, pursuing him until he was ultimately apprehended in Martinez.

Photo: Scott Rodgerson