The California Highway Patrol started a pursuit of a reported Oakland homicide suspect in Redwood City Thursday, and the chase didn’t end until the suspect crashed his white van into the wall of the Moscone Center parking lot.

San Francisco’s recent Dreamforce Conference at the Moscone Center largely went without negative incident, save for one assault we learned of more than a week later. But the lesser known Workday Rising conference currently there may have had a little scare Thursday, as NBC Bay Area reports a van crashed into the Moscone Center parking lot wall. And SFPD tells the station that it was a high-speed pursuit of an Oakland homicide suspect, and the chase started in Redwood City.

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There was not much official information early Thursday afternoon, save for an 12:35 p.m. SFMTA Twitter post saying that buses were “blocked near Folsom and 3rd by #SFPD activity.” But Reddit was hopping with posts from eyewitnesses who saw some crazy proceedings, like the video below.

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While Reddit speculated as to what the heck was going on, NBC Bay Area's Bigad Shaban went right down to the scene and got some answers.

"It all has to do with someone wanted for murder in Oakland," Shaban said in a Twitter video. "The police chase actually went through nearby Redwood City, ending here in San Francisco."

After the van crashed at Moscone Center, Shaban said “The man ran down the steps (at Moscone Center) in hopes of getting into the parking garage. We’re told it was really just a matter of minutes until police were able to catch him. It's still unclear if he was armed when police found him."

Murder suspect outside my work
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Shaban also spoke SFPD sergeant Kathryn Winters, who had more detail.

“The California Highway Patrol was in pursuit of a homicide suspect, and that pursuit came on to San Francisco city streets," Winters told Shaban. "Officers from the San Francisco Police Department joined in the pursuit, which traversed several districts in the city. There were a couple traffic collisions along the way. We don’t have any reports of anyone being injured in those."

The chase ended in the crash, or as SFPD calls it, a “determination.”

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“The pursuit did come to a determination here on Third Street outside of Moscone Center, where the suspect attempted to run on foot down into the Moscone Center,” Winters added. “But due to the quick actions of police department officers, we quickly got the suspect into custody.”

There is no information at this time on the homicide in question. “We do know it was a homicide suspect, but we do not know in connection to what at this time,” Winters told NBC Bay Area.

This is a developing story and may be updated.

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Image: Sh4d0wM00N via Reddit