• The Antioch police are facing yet another scandal — there’s a new federal lawsuit against the department that alleges dozens of officers engaged in racial profiling and excessive force. If you’re counting, that’s in addition to two existing lawsuits that accuse the department of civil rights violations, in the aftermath of the racist text message controversy. [Chronicle]
  • The owners of the Michelin Guide-listed restaurant Le Fantastique have decided not to reopen, after temporarily shutting down for the summer. They bought out their lease at 22 Franklin Street in SF's Civic Center neighborhood, but said they’re looking for a new location in San Francisco. [Eater]
  • See's Candies said it’s permanently closing its Embarcadero Center store, one of the company’s four San Francisco locations, after 102 years in operation. The closure, scheduled for December 24, was announced through a notice posted on the shop's door. [SFGATE]
  • An 80-year-old woman and her 45-year-old niece were mugged while walking home in Berkeley's Elmwood neighborhood around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Two suspects apparently came from behind, knocked them to the ground, and stole their purses — then later that night, returned to the victims’ home and used their stolen keys to steal her Honda Accord. [KNTV]
  • Health officials found high levels of toxic chemicals at a former dry cleaning site in Richmond, which housed dry-cleaning businesses from 1960 to 2001. Officials are considering actions for the neighborhood around the building, located at 2022 Barrett Avenue, including installations of monitors in nearby houses and possible evacuations if airborne toxins surpass safety levels. [KTVU]
  • President Biden is granting pardons to thousands of individuals convicted of marijuana use and simple possession in Washington, D.C. and federal lands, he announced Friday. [CBS]

Image via Unsplash/Datingscout.