A 2:30 a.m. Friday morning car chase started when two auto theft suspects were allegedly casing cars in Napa County, and police chased them all the way to Oakland, despite that the suspects were hurling construction tools at the police vehicles along the way.  

Up in Napa County, police in the city of American Canyon gave chase to a pair of suspects in a white Chevy pickup truck that had been reported stolen in Alameda. That chase started at about 2:30 a.m. Friday morning and went for 40 miles, all the way to a household near the Oakland Coliseum. And KTVU reports that the suspects were throwing construction tools at the police cars along the way, until both were eventually apprehended.

At the time the above segment was recorded Friday morning, only one of the suspects was in custody, and the other was still at large. KTVU also did not at that time know the reason for the chase, but their reporting has since been updated with more detail, and the other suspect has since been caught.

We now know who the suspects were, Josue Valdez Amezcua (28) and Hector Garcia Hernandez (24), both from Oakland. American Canyon police told KTVU the  two men were “casing” vehicles in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn and Suites in that city, and noticed that their truck had been reported stolen. They gave chase, and the suspects started throwing construction tools at the police cruisers pursuing them. The California Highway Patrol and Oakland police were called in as the chase went 40 miles south to Oakland along I-80.

The two men then barricaded themselves in an Oakland household at International Boulevard and 62nd Avenue. That led to a lengthy standoff with police, but both men were eventually apprehended. They were also found to be in possession of a 9mm handgun that had been reported stolen in Sacramento.  

Both men were arrested and taken back to Napa County. They've been booked on charges of suspicion of possession of a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle and stolen property, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

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Image: Police car chasing a car at night. 911 Emergency response police car speeding to scene of crime. (Getty Images)