A viral video that came out of that minor earthquake we had ten days ago made a new celebrity out of local dudebro Steve Mazzari, who loves slammin' a few Dollaritas at Applebee's. And now Applebee's is paying him for his promotional services.

We're a little behind on the Dollarita Steve phenom, but just to catch up: KTVU buttonholed the mustachioed Mazzari outside the Applebee's at Fisherman's Wharf on October 27, shortly after that 3.7M earthquake struck underneath SFO. It was a little bit of a shaker, and Steve and his friends could feel it at the Wharf while slammin' some Dollaritas, but he guessed it was closer to a 3.0.

That was a Friday night, and within hours, Dollarita Steve had become a phenomenon — not the least of which on Gay Twitter, which responded enthusiastically to his looks. (He says he got quite a few X-rated DMs.) As he said later, "Y'all might have noticed, I enjoy attention."

Mazzari, 28, works as a software engineer, but he launched a Cameo account to maximize his brief moment in the spotlight. As he said on X/Twitter, "Hey people, the dollarita may be over but I’m not done be an attention whoring ass."

Subsequently, a guy named Matt paid him a dollar on Cameo to "say gay rights," and he came back with a good and proper, San Francisco ally response.

When that was cheered across the LGBTQ internet, Mazzari even doubled down, tweeting on Friday, "Also I gotta say I absolutely LOVE the appreciation for being an ally but, like, it also makes me sad this is even a thing. Like oh roll out the red carpet for Steve he treats LGBTQ+ people normally and with respect, big round of applause for Steve not being a trash human."

Also, Mazzari went to Hi Tops in the Castro on Thursday and greeted his gay fans in person.

The Applebee's at Fisherman's Wharf on Monday decided to extend that Dollaritas promotion through November, thanks to Steve and all this attention.

And, the restaurant made a promo poster.

Also, Steve himself announced Monday that he was no longer just an "unofficial" spokesman/spokesmodel — Applebee's is apparently paying him now. And hopefully not just in Dollaritas. There was even a press event at the Wharf restaurant, where Steve told KTVU, "I think this is my magnum opus. Beethoven had his Moonlight Sonata, I had bringing the ‘Dollarita’ back to San Francisco… I dreamed this into reality, I made it happen."

The kid is funny, I'll give him that.

"Somewhere, a PR rep for the bachelorette has an unopened/ignored email from me from about 4 years ago," Steve quipped in a separate tweet. "Now here I am leading my gay army to Applebees. Who’s laughing now?"

He added, "Just wanna say real quick once more while I have anyone’s attention how I think I have the easiest, most undeservingly good, privileged lives of all time. It has always been comically easy but the this week has been amazing, the vibes have been off the charts."

As you can see from his Instagram, Steve is a pretty typical SF 20-something who loves skiing, rock-climbing, and music festivals.

Also, Steve has a request from the SF nightlife gods, if anyone is listening: