A reportedly speeding driver crashed into two cars and a house near the Oakland Coliseum Monday night, and while there are unconfirmed reports the injured driver might have been pregnant, it is confirmed by neighbors that the 911 response was awfully slow.

A horrific crash near the Oakland Coliseum on Monday night has left one woman hospitalized, and eyewitness reports indicate that woman may be pregnant. KTVU reports that sometime after 10 p.m. Monday night, a car went airborne and crashed into two parked cars and then a home on Worth Street not far from the Nimitz Freeway. The driver of the car was a woman who’s been hospitalized, but her name and condition are unknown.

KTVU also has video of the aftermath above. "We just heard a loud crash, boom," neighbor Paul Oppus told KTVU. "We didn't know what was going on. I could hear splinters flying around. The car went behind my house."

NBC Bay Area spoke to multiple eyewitnesses, who described the car as “speeding down 85th Avenue before it crashed.” Neighbors rushed to check on the driver trapped inside the car amidst the wreckage, and per NBC Bay Area, they described her as “in and out of consciousness, bleeding and [she] appeared to be pregnant." The station could not confirm whether the woman was in fact pregnant.

But if so, it’s particularly troubling that the 911 response was not very speedy. "It took a whole hour before somebody got help, it took long," neighbor Maria Rodriguez told NBC Bay Area. "I'm sorry, I don’t want to fault anybody, but it took … that person could be dying right here."

As an NBC Bay Area investigation found this summer, Oakland has the second-longest 911 response times in the state of California.

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Image: Car smashing through wood gate car crash accidents (Getty Images)