• A little rainfall is likely in SF this weekend, possibly as early as Friday night. Heavy rain, and perhaps even flood watches, are expected up north near Eureka and Redding, but SF and the East Bay may see a little rain on Saturday and Sunday. [Chronicle]
  • The encampment guy who camped outside a school with a “Free fentanyl” sign has been sent to jail. 46-year-old Joseph Adam Moore was apparently not jailed after his arrest two weeks ago, but he is jailed now under public nuisance charges, though he’ll have a bail hearing next week. [KGO]
  • SFUSD superintendent Matt Wayne wants to tinker with Lowell High School’s merit-based admission policy that’s been the center of controversy for years. Wayne is proposing to base Lowell High admissions on a minimum grade point average, which is still merit-based, but the change wouldn’t come for at least two years. [KTVU]
  • The downtown Target store at the Metreon was evacuated Thursday night after some sort of pepper spray release gave several people "physical symptoms," but it’s unclear just how the pepper spray was released, and whether this was intentional. [KRON4]
  • Catalytic converter thefts are actually down in California this year after spiking during the pandemic, and the decline in the value of the precious metals inside of the devices may be playing a role in that. [SFGate]
  • Google/Alphabet is backing out of its plan to develop 15,000 new housing units in Sunnyvale, San Jose and Mountain View. [Reuters]

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist