• The heat wave is definitely over, with foggy conditions and temperatures in the mid- to low-60s expected Friday and Saturday, and a chance of showers on Sunday. It’s a quick reversal from Thursday’s unusual heat, as Napa broke a 110-year-old record by hitting 95 degrees, its hottest day ever recorded on October 19. [Chronicle]
  • President Biden gave only his second-ever prime time Oval Office address Thursday night, in response to the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict and the ongoing Ukraine war. He’ll  push Congress to pass a $100 billion wartime aid package, which sources tell CBS News will contain $60 billion for Ukraine, $14 billion for Israel, and $10 billion for “humanitarian efforts” in Gaza. [CBS News]
  • Locally on the Israel-Gaza matter, “dozens of protesters” chained themselves to the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building to call for a ceasefire in Gaza, though the actual number of protesters at the rally was clearly far larger. They called for Pelosi to support a ceasefire resolution from Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) that would reduce Israeli aid and increase humanitarian aid to Gaza. [KTVU]
  • More embarrassment for wanna-be Speaker of the House Jim Jordan, who lost his third Speakership vote Thursday morning, this time with a largest-yet pool of 25 Republicans voting against him. [CNN]  
  • Your San Francisco 49ers will be on Monday Night Football this week against the Minnesota Vikings, but the Niners are still unsure if they’ll have injured star offensive players Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samiuel on the field. [KNBR]
  • Freshly fired SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler may be a hot candidate for other MLB teams, or at least, the Boston Red Sox interviewed him. [Boston Globe]

Image: @JVPBayArea via Twitter