Though interrupted a number of times — as predicted — by loud flyovers by the Blue Angels, the funeral service for Dianne Feinstein outside San Francisco City Hall went off without any other hitches Thursday afternoon.

All of the speakers at the service highlighted Feinstein's tremendous strength and the tenacity with which she became one of the longest-serving and most effective senators in history, and a pioneer among women in the highest levels of government.

"She was an American patriot, a giant of the Senate, and a dear friend to Doug and me," said Vice President Kamala Harris. "Simply put, she was a force."

Image via Jorge Aguilar

Harris also pointed to Feinstein's time as mayor in San Francisco, suggesting that her seriousness about issues and her insistence that every discussion be "well informed and studied," came directly out of the intense nature of San Francisco politics.

"This city requires its elected officials to engage, on a daily basis, in complex discussions with informed constituents who will raise the most intricate of local issues, no matter if you are walking through the Presidio, or attending an event at Delancey Street," Harris said, clearly speaking from experience. "I believe this experience informed her style of leadership, and she took that with her to the heights of national and global power."

Harris also joked about Feinstein's penchant to share her paintings with friends — and Pelosi added, those paintings were sometimes on mugs! — of flowers.

"She was a gifted, and I will say generous, artist," Harris said, to some chuckles. "Many of us are collectors of Dianne's work."

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke about how Dianne has made the world a better place for women, and for ambitious women especially.

"Because of Dianne, my daughters grew up in a world that’s a little bit fairer, a little more just and more accepting of women in leadership," Schumer said.

Longtime friend Nancy Pelosi spoke about her friend's pride in her work, and how she was proud to have confirmed 144 judges nominated by President Biden in the last 20 months on the Judiciary Committee.

"Dianne was such a commanding mayor for ten powerful years, that when her term was up, and some of the people started running for mayor, including some men, schoolchildren were saying, 'Can a man be mayor of San Francisco?'"

"I guess," Pelosi quipped after, to laughter, and she turned to London Breed saying, "Madam Mayor."

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Top image: Holly Secon