Lloyd Canamore gained fame in 2020 over a campaign to save his uniquely decorated West Oakland “Warriors House,” but he passed away recently, and an Oakland shelter is trying to rehome his dogs.  

The 2019-2020 NBA season was a forgettable one for your Golden State Warriors, as they won merely 15 games before COVID-19 arrived, and they were not invited to the “bubble” for the NBA playoffs. But there was still a feel-good story that united Warriors fandom that season, the saga of Lloyd Canamore and his West Oakland “Warriors House.”

Canamore painted and thoroughly decorated the house with Warriors colors and memorabilia years ago, but a bank tried to foreclose on the house over a reverse mortgage his mother signed without his knowledge.

A crowdfunding campaign to save the house that had been in Canamore’s family for more the 50 years raised nearly $300,000, drawing help from the Oakland Community Land Trust, and the campaign was shared by Steph Curry and even the Golden State Warriors social media accounts.

It does not appear the campaign worked, though. Canamore still moved out of the house in March, as Oaklandside reported at the time. And while the house’s auction was “postponed until August 16, 2023” according to the Land Trust, a Redfin listing for the house shows a sale of the house as “Pending,” saying “The seller has accepted an offer, and this property is now pending.”

To make matters more heartbreaking, KTVU reports that Canamore recently died, having passed away in late August.

Canamore is survived by his niece Victoria, and his two dogs Rambo and Baby Miracle. And Oakland Animal Services has taken the dogs in, and is trying to find them a new adoptive home.

“These two pups, who are surely heartbroken at the loss of their beloved human companion and their comfortable home, are finding the shelter quite stressful. We would love to find them a new home together as soon as possible - can you help?,” the shelter said in a Wednesday Facebook post. “We know that Lloyd was a beloved part of the Warriors family so we're sure there's someone out there who can make his family members part of their family.”

Oakland Animal Services’ adoption hours are Thursdays from noon-7 pm, and Friday-Sunday from noon-3 p.m., at 1101 29th Avenue in Oakland.

A memorial for Canamore is being planned sometime in October, though details have not yet been announced.

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Image: dubscommunity via Instagram