Inti Gonzalez, the daughter of nudist activist and general Bay Area character Gypsy Taub and accused Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape, is now 22 years old. And despite a chaotic upbringing and an unsettled couple of years, she now says she's "figured things out" and is doing just fine.

It stands to reason that the Chronicle's Kevin Fagan would want to profile Inti Gonzalez. Now the adult child of two controversial (to say the least) characters in the Bay Area, Gonzalez in recent years has had to relay messages to the press from her mom in prison, and be bombarded by the media herself when the only dad she grew up with became the center of a national news story when he (allegedly) assaulted then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband with a hammer last October.

From the Chronicle profile we learn that Gypsy Taub, Gonzalez's 54-year-old mom, was paroled in April after serving three years in a case she continues to deny any wrongdoing in. (SFist wrote about it here, when in mid-2020 we learned she had been in jail six months at that point.) Taub was accused by the mother of a friend of her son of stalking and attempted abduction of her son — and there was apparently email evidence showing a strange and inappropriately intense correspondence between Taub and the teenager. She was later accused by Berkeley police of wearing a disguise in order to violate a restraining order to pass a package of some sort to the teen boy.

Taub tried to dismiss the inappropriateness, telling SFist, "When I was 16 I had a boyfriend who was 54 years old."

Taub is now appealing her conviction and living in a bus in Berkeley, as the Chronicle reports. It's not clear where her two sons are living — in 2020 they were in the care of then-18-year-old Inti, and at least one is still under 18. Both sons are the biological children of DePape.

In a blog post this spring announcing her release, Taub said, "I have a lot of healing to do." And of the teen, who is now 17 or 18, she said, "I will only have contact with him if he dissolves the 10-year stay away order which he can do very easily by calling the DA. If he doesn’t care enough to do that then there is no reason for me to ever see him again."

Inti defended her mother in a blog post in 2020, saying, "My mother is not perfect but she certainly is not some sort of creepy pedophile... What they are doing to her now is absolutely ridiculous."

Taub tells the Chronicle that her daughter Inti is "an incredibly powerful, beautiful, ancient being — a very old soul. Incredibly loving and forgiving. I cannot take credit for it." But, she also says, "With all the mistakes I’ve made as a mother, I must have done something right."

"I was raised differently than most people,” Gonzalez tells the Chronicle. "So I’ve learned … to do what you think is smart, not just what people say you should. And for now? I’m really psyched. I’ve got an amazing place to live in; got this awesome job. I think I have things figured out."

Gonzalez is referring to her part as a co-manager of a tiny-home site being built for homeless youth in Richmond. She had been semi-homeless and living in a relative's garage back in the fall, when she was responding to many media calls about the Pelosi attack. But now, almost a year later, she's found a spot in the Vulcan Studios, a 200-person artist collective that's existed over 30 years in East Oakland that has its own art gallery and cafe.

She has also been selling her artwork, some of which you can see here, and she's studying to get her real estate license — saying she has no interest in being a "starving artist."

Gonzalez does not comment on the DePape case — as Fagan notes, she "doesn’t talk much outside of close friends about her somewhat notorious parents, preferring to stand on her own merits." She still calls DePape her dad, saying she only ever met her biological father — a Peruvian whom Taub met on an ayahuasca retreat — once.

Gonzalez said in a social media post last year, amid the maelstrom of coverage trying to figure out who DePape was, that she believed he was mentally ill. She also said that DePape, whom Taub had kicked out of their home when Gonzalez was 13, had been physically violent with all three kids. "This attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband came as a shock to me, though not much considering the kind of extreme abuse he had inflicted on me and my brothers."

Stories and evidence emerged that DePape had gone from a Democratic or Green Party voter and left-wing activist to being radicalized to the right from being on YouTube. He has so far been defiant and all but admitted the assault on Paul Pelosi in a January jailhouse interview, saying, "I have an important message for everyone in America: You're welcome," and "I'm so sorry I didn't get more of them."

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