• A four-year-old girl who was riding on the back of a bike last month with her dad near Oakland's Lake Merritt has died from injuries sustained in a "dooring" accident. The father and daughter both flew off the bike after hitting a car door opening into the bike lane, and the daughter died from a blood clot in her brain hours later that at first was not detected. [KTVU]
  • West Hollywood-based Grindr, the gay hookup app, has lost about half its staff after mandating a two-day-per-week back-to-office policy. Some workers have been trying to unionize, and those workers warn that the platform may be less stable, however the CEO appears to have planned for this staff attrition. [Bloomberg]
  • A 76-year-old Palo Alto man is missing after being separated from a group hiking in the Wind River Range in a remote area of Wyoming. [Palo Alto Online]
  • A group called Schools Over Stadiums is petitioning to get a measure on the ballot in Nevada to repeal the legislature's decision to fund the A's stadium in Las Vegas. [KTVU]
  • Yes, those cartoony renderings of the imagined utopian city those billionaires want to build in Solano County were generated by AI. [Chronicle]
  • SF-based Instacart is planning on setting its IPO price as early as Monday, for its long-delayed IPO. [Bloomberg]
  • Mattel has made a windfall off the Barbie movie, and more edgy movies based on toys are likely on the way. [New York Times]

Photo: Priyanka Sethy/Unsplash