The disease formerly known as monkeypox is making a troubling little comeback in SF, and while case counts are low, we’ve seen a nearly seven-fold increase in positive mpox cases in the last five weeks.

After the mpox (formerly called monekypox) epidemic of last summer, San Francisco and most of the world pretty much got as handle on things once we had adequate vaccine supply for any of the at-risk population. Game over with the mpox scare, we figured. We may have figured wrong.

KGO reports the SF Department of Public Health (DPH) is noting a sudden surge in mpox cases over the last month or so. And while case numbers are still incredibly low, the increase is definitely notable.

“There have been 7 mpox cases among SF residents in the last 5 weeks,” the DPH said in a Wednesday announcement. “While mpox cases remain low compared to 2022, this is an increase from an average of 1 case per month from January to June 2023.”

As a reminder, mpox is generally spread via close contact like kissing, oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Unlike last summer when the JYNNEOS vaccine was in short supply the DPH says “There are no supply limitations” of the vaccine currently.

The California DPH recommends the JYNNEOS vaccine to anyone HIV-postive, anyone eligible for PrEP, and “any man or trans person who has sex with men or trans persons.”  You can make an appointment online JYNNEOS vaccine for free at any of these sites, though the vaccine is not recommended if you’ve already had mpox.

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