• The aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary has left much of California's desert southwest in a perilous place. The mayor of Palm Springs said there was no way in or out of the city, and the 911 call system is currently down, and Cathedral City residents are similarly trapped. [CNN]
  • The storm continues heading north through central Nevada today, and the only death reported so far connected to the storm was in Mexico. A person died Saturday in the Mexican town of Santa Rosalia when their car was swept away in a flood. [Associated Press]
  • Police activity was reported in the Mission District early Monday. Residents were being told to avoid the area of Mission Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard as of 6:45 a.m. [KRON4]
  • State Senator Scott Wiener is shelving his proposed bridge-toll hike to help transit agencies avoid a "fiscal cliff." Instead of the controversial toll hike, Wiener says he'll meet with the agencies to find another solution to their budget woes. [Chronicle]
  • A big gang of dirtbikers and ATV riders blew through part of the Richmond District Sunday, and likely elsewhere. [Twitter]
  • Strangely, there were more than a dozen earthquakes in Southern California amid the tropical storm yesterday, including a 5.1M centered near Ojai. [KTVU]
  • Winemakers in Napa Valley say this year's slow, relatively cool growing season will be good for the 2023 vintage — and a sprinkling of rain Sunday morning was not any threat to the grapes that are still several weeks from being harvested. [KPIX]

Top photo: PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 20: Indian Canyon Drive is closed where it crosses a usually dry wash section of the Whitewater River as the remnants of Tropical Storm Hilary spread possibly catastrophic rain, flash floods and winds across the desert regions of Southern California on August 20, 2023 in Palm Springs, California. More than 40 million people are under the first-ever Tropical Storm Warning issued for Southern California. The National Weather Service forecast of a 'potentially catastrophic situation' has come about as a result of a heat wave in ocean temperatures off Mexico because of a combination of the ocean phenomenon called El Niño and ocean warming climate change. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)