We now know that ten Antioch and Pittsburg police officers were arrested in Thursday’s FBI raids, and on top of the racist text messages, we have allegations of steroid dealing, intentional dog attacks, faking college credits, and collecting ‘trophies’ and ‘mementos’ from their most brutal acts of violence.

When the bombshell news broke Thursday that the FBI had raided the homes of and arrested several Pittsburg and Antioch police, it was unclear just how many officers were arrested. Early reports from various different local media publications indicated it was seven, eight, or nine officers arrested. But now that the dust has settled and the FBI has announced charges, KRON-4 reports that ten current and former Antioch and Pittsburg PD officers were arrested, on charges ranging from illegally dealing steroids, to excessive force with K9 violence, to faking college credits to get promotions, and of course the racist text messages that first brought this nearly two-year FBI investigation into the public eye.  

“The defendants boasted about their illegal use of force. The officers had no interest in de-escalating to avoid violence,” U.S. Attorney Ismail Ramsey said at a late Thursday afternoon press conference. He added that some officers collected  “mementos” that were “from their attacks on the people of Antioch.”

The Chronicle has a full list of the officers charged, and all of the charges against them. They sum this up saying that “One former Antioch police officer allegedly spurred his dog to bite 28 people throughout the city, while another shot projectiles at 11 people in less than a year,” and add that “Two more exchanged text messages to plan an alleged drug delivery for a ‘customer’ seeking anabolic steroids.”

The steroid dealing allegations obviously jump out, though the FBI indictments did not mention any alleged cocaine trafficking, which has been mentioned in previous media reports. But many of these other allegation will certainly raise eyebrows.

The Chronicle reports that officer Morteza Amiri is accused of intentionally orchestrating vicious attacks with his K9 dog Purcy. Amiri allegedly texted “Bro, you see that armpit?” along with a graphic image of a suspect’s injuries from the dog’s bites. He allegedly added later in the exchange, “As Purcy was on the bite I pulled his harness which I think helped with the bite.”

In another exchange, Amiri allegedly wrote, “Putting a pistol in someone’s mouth and telling them to stop stealing isn’t illegal...  it’s an act of public service.”

Amiri is also among the four officers accused of faking college credits to get promotions. In these cases, they allegedly paid other people to take courses for them. Per the Department of Justice, those charges carry up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, or “twice the gross gain or loss” of the money they made via the fraud.

KRON4 has the full indictment online.

And in an unrelated but very hilarious development, the Bay Area News Group reports that the Alameda County DA is charging five more Pittsburg PD officers with accepting bribes of tequila to make parking tickets go away.  

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Image: Antioch PD