A small-scale campaign that seems to be part PR and part event promotion, dubbed WeLoveSF, is seeking to upend the "doom loop" and drug-crime narratives that have dominated media coverage about San Francisco all of this year.

"If the city wasn't facing a number of very real challenges, I wouldn't be here today," says WeLoveSF creator Cassidy Zerrer, speaking to KPIX. "I totally acknowledge that, but I do think it's important to tell the other side of the story, and so often our negative — our less favorable — moments are shared on social media or by the broader media. We're here to show the many very, very positive things that happen in our city every day."

The campaign, which has a website here, consists of a social media presence and some events, including a recent one they hosted at the bar Nightingale on Kearny Street. Owner Doug Dalton tells KPIX that there was a big turnout, making it the bar's biggest night of the week.

Dalton, whose group Future Bars opened Nightingale just a few months before the pandemic began, also recently opened The Dawn Club on Market Street, which is a splashy new jazz venue and whiskey bar.

WeLoveSF is on Instagram and TikTok, and Zerrer encourages others to tag the campaign in their reels showing the bright sides of San Francisco.  

"As the city faces many challenges in its time of need we believe this unified message of optimism creates immediate change and strengthens our community," the website reads.

"Changing San Francisco's image is easy," the group says on Instagram. "Do what you love in the city we love and post with the hashtag #welovesf."

This campaign comes on the heels of an ad campaign being sponsored by SF Travel, which is aimed at telling people in major metropolitan markets outside of the Bay Area that there's still reason to come to — and, more importantly, plan conventions in — San Francisco.

The first ad from that campaign is below, featuring SF drag queen Lady Camden, among other happy residents.

Also, not connected to the WeLoveSF campaign, there's an event dubbed "I Heart SF" at Off the Grid Fort Mason on Friday, September 1, which is meant to be a celebration of the city and foodie "pep rally," featuring SF drinks (Irish coffees, Tommy's margaritas), and classic SF food from the likes Boudin Bakery and the Gold Mirror.

So get out there and show SF some love!