Is it weird or wonderful that Steph Curry loves this TikTok-popular, 90s-sounding pop-rock band Paramore so much that he got on stage to sing their biggest hit with them at the Chase Center Monday night?

NBA All Star Stephen Curry, who is also good at golf, was called on stage with Paramore Monday night and asked to join in on lead vocals for their hit "Misery Business" — a song, mind you, that's ostensibly about a girl taking revenge on a boyfriend-stealer. Curry seemed to know all the words, and did a fine job filling in for singer Hayley Williams, who claimed she was still sick from a recent illness.

As Curry was greeted by a roar from the crowd, Williams said, "That's your people! That's your people!" Then, she explained, "So look, you know, us and Steph, we go back a few years. And tonight is our reunion. Tonight, we're going to sing something together and, listen, from the moment that Steph hits the mic, this is no longer a Paramore show. This is a Steph Curry show. So, are you gonna show him how you turn up at a Steph Curry show?"

Entertainment Weekly picked up the appearance, noting that Curry "appear[ed] to even surprise Williams with how ferociously he sang the pop-punk hit, and began dancing as streamers rained down from the rafters."

Ayesha Curry explained in an Instagram story that she and Steph "listened to Paramore on one of our first dates," and later, the band was "kind enough to perform at his 30th [birthday]." Curry turned 30 in 2018, so that's how they know each other.

Photo: Ayesha Curry/Instagram
Photo: Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Appropriate for a date night, Ayesha said the band's performance of "Still Into You" "took the night for us."

Here's another angle:

For reference, below is the song he was singing with the band, which dates back to 2007.

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