A very wet ending to a very wild sideshow early Sunday morning in Antioch, where a fire hydrant was knocked over and left gushing, a car flew into the San Joaquin River, and one bystander suffered major injuries.  

Serious problems can result from sideshows when the daredevil drivers are not very good at sideshowing. We have an example of this from a 3 a.m. Sunday morning sideshow in the parking lot of Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill in Antioch, which NBC Bay Area reports resulted in a fire hydrant being knocked over and causing flooding, a car flying into the San Joaquin River, and three people injured, one seriously.

KRON4 notes that over the course of these multiple collisions, that two men and one woman were injured, and it’s unclear if they even had anything to do with the sideshow. All three were hospitalized, and the Chronicle reports the woman, who is in her 50s, suffered “major injuries.”

The mayhem reportedly started around 3 a.m. Sunday in the Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill parking lot, which happens to be along the banks of the San Joaquin River. Before police arrived, one driver managed to drive their vehicle into that river, another crashed into the restaurant's water main, which was left spewing water. Neither of those drivers was apprehended.

More hell broke loose once police did arrive. One motorist fled “at a high rate of speed with no lights on,” according to a police report obtained by the Chronicle, and crashed into a fire hydrant. That driver injured the bystander, and attempted to flee on foot after hitting the hydrant. Police did apprehend and arrest that suspect for felony reckless driving and hit-and-run, and he’s described as a 21-year-old man who had a previous no-bail warrant for a separate sideshow incident in Santa Clara County.

Around sunrise Sunday morning, the vehicle that flew into the river had successfully been towed out.

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Photo via itsmrinaligoyal/Instagram