At least three large sideshows brought mayhem to Oakland streets Friday night and Saturday morning, and in one of them two cars set on fire and rammed into for sport by other cars.

It’s beginning to feel like a weekly ritual that we start our Monday with reports of weekend sideshows across the Bay Area. And Friday having been Cinco de Mayo, it shouldn’t feel surprising that multiple sideshows peppered the East Bay Friday night and early Saturday morning, according to KTVU. What does feel surprising was the brazen new stunt of lighting cars on fire, and then having other cars ram into that car which is on fire.

KPIX has a lot of detail in their video segment above and full report on this weekend’s Oakland sideshows, and obviously, the sideshow with the burning car is most prominent in the coverage. That incident occurred at Oak and Tenth streets, about two blocks from the Lake Merritt BART station. “As crowds watched the vehicle burn, a masked individual was seen getting into a Subaru, which he then used to ram the burning vehicle,” according to KPIX. “Oakland Fire units later arrived at the scene once the crowds were cleared and put out the flames, which had spread to the Subaru that the masked driver had abandoned.”

KTVU has plenty of carnage video in these tweets, and the driver of the ramming Subaru clearly does not care what happens to the vehicle (and there may have been different drivers who jumped into do some joy-ramming).  That begs the possibility that the Subaru was stolen just to trash it at the evening’s sideshow proceedings. So there’s another troubling threat vector to sideshows of this nature, in addition to how fires have tendency to spread dangerously to other vehicles and structures.

A different KTVU reporter has some debris and aftermath footage from Saturday morning daylight hours, who also notes that the burning car sideshow “reportedly involved spectators throwing bottles at Oakland police officers.” That led to police using flash bangs to disperse the crowd, though per KTVU, that sideshow continued “until nearly 4 a.m. Saturday.”

Oakland PD seemed to realize they had a problem and announced stepped-up patrols for Saturday night. A separate Chronicle report on sideshows mentions that Oakland PD “contained several of the vehicles for enforcement purposes,” and KGO adds the department has set up an email tip line at [email protected].

This past weekend's sideshow activity followed an act of mob violence at a sideshow caught on video the weekend before, in which a frustrated man tried to yell at participants and threw a plastic bucket at one of the cars involved, only to then be beaten up and kicked by the crowd while on the ground.

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Image: @ppv_tahoe via Twitter