South Lake Tahoe's most wanted fugitive has finally been captured.

"Hank the Tank," the formidable female black bear responsible for a trail of more than 20 home break-ins, was taken in Friday, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) said in a release.

DNA evidence had previously confirmed that Hank was behind at least 21 break-ins in the area, which reportedly caused extensive property damage, since 2022. She’s also apparently a suspect in several more (although DNA cleared her from a few others previously thought to be her handiwork).

Hank was discovered in March denning under a residence in South Lake Tahoe along with her  three male cubs of the year, according to CDFW, and state officials collected her DNA, attached an ear tag, and put a satellite tracking collar on her at the time. Her cubs were also microchipped. However, Hank managed to shed the collar by May and continued to evade capture.

But on Friday morning, wildlife biologists found and apprehended Hank and her cubs, who accompanied her on several break-ins. Don't worry — she won't be euthanized. Hank will instead be taken to the 10,000-acre The Wild Animal Sanctuary near Springfield, Colorado, where she’ll be free to roam. The CDFW said that it is unusual to relocate “conflict bears” like Hank the Tank — meaning bears that have become accustomed to human food sources and interacting with people — because they’ll usually just cause trouble somewhere else. But the agency said it is making an exception due to “the widespread interest in this bear, and the significant risk of a serious incident involving the bear.”

As for the cubs, they’re potentially headed towards a fresh start at the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, where officials hope to recondition their behaviors and unlearn their mischief. One cub seems to have been hit by a car recently, and will undergo a thorough veterinary check. His mobility and potential for rehabilitation are promising signs.

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Feature image of Hank the Tank via the California Department of Wildlife.