Fire up your conspiracy theories, as the men-only rich guy retreat Bohemian Grove is now happening up in Sonoma. We don't know if Clarence Thomas went there, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly did.

The very bizarre, annual, all-male luxury campout Bohemian Grove was unwillingly dragged into the headlines with the April ProPublica revelations that billionaire tycoon Harlan Crow had paid for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s trip there on at least one occasion. The 150-year-old rich boys’ club summer camp in west Sonoma County’s Monte Rio, which reportedly features the burning of a giant wooden effigy of an owl, is also reportedly the retreat where Robert Oppenheimer first discussed the Manhattan Project, and where Nixon once reportedly talked Ronald Reagan into letting him run for president first.

And the Bohemian Grove retreat is apparently underway again. SFGate says the private jet flight information showed July 20 Federal Aviation Administration communications saying that “The Bohemian Grove routes are expected due to increased volume” and that “VIP movements are scheduled throughout the afternoon.”

Is Clarence Thomas among those VIPs? We don’t know! But Politico reports House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was there this past weekend. That outlet says a tipster “gave us a readout of some of the media and politics folks in attendance over the weekend,” and that “One really caught our attention: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.” Politico adds that “we understand that the speaker was heard making remarks that were bullish on Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination.”

And we found another historical nugget while doing some research on this. After a period in the late 2000s when protesters kept trying to disrupt the secret-society gathering, a 2010 New York Times report noted that Bohemian Grove hired local PR fixer guy Sam Singer, who more recently has been handling public relations for the Anchor Brewing Company bankruptcy and fired Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong.

“This is two weeks, over the course of a year, when a group of gentlemen enjoy close friendships, current events and theatrical productions,” Singer told the Times back then.

Though just last month, SFGate reported the Bohemian Grove event faced a wage theft lawsuit alleging, in the words of SFGate, “‘nonstop’ 16-hour work days, during which employees were not provided bathroom and lunch breaks, and a failure to pay minimum wage and overtime.” That recalls a 2016 $7 million wage theft settlement to valets who worked at the club.

So Clarence Thomas is possibly enjoying VIP hook-ups up in the Sonoma County redwoods right now. But the staff and valets, maybe not so much.

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Image: FOX Network