There was a time when tons of protesters would gather outside the Bohemian Grove enclave in Monte Rio, organized in part by Sonoma County resident Mary Moore, to call attention to the great big, white, male, Republican, secret-society-like gathering that happens there each July. It's the summer retreat for the Bohemian Club, a men's club founded in 1872 which has that big, fancy clubhouse on Taylor and Post, and it's been said that the Manhattan Project was conceived there, and Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan met there in 1967 and agreed who would seek the presidency first.

This past week, as the NYT reports, there's been only one, lone 9/11 Truth protester outside the gates, and people have been mistaking him for an employee. Ms. Moore has given up the cause to focus more on her grandchildren (she's now 75), but she still holds an archive of her years of studying and protesting this summer camp for 2,500 of the world's elite.

“Bohemian Grove allowed us to build coalitions,” she says. “Because whatever your issue was, someone in there was making money off it.” Nowadays there apparently isn't even enough fervor or funding in the 9/11 conspiracy movement to get them to Sonoma County, despite the possibility that the Illuminati is inside plotting the next one.