A car accident on Friday around noon in the Richmond District took an unexpected turn, police say.

Officers had responded to a collision report at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Clement Street, as the Chronicle reported. Upon their arrival, they discovered a victim who had sustained non-life-threatening injuries and promptly transported him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Nearby, on 15th Avenue and Geary Boulevard, police discovered the vehicle they believed to be connected to the hit-and-run. Witnesses near the scene told authorities that three people inside the car had run out and scattered on foot, abandoning the car.

Less than 15 minutes later, officers received reports of a shooting at 16th Avenue and Geary Boulevard. They found a man on the street with a gunshot wound — and reportedly believe that had shot himself. They also believe he was one of the three suspects who had earlier fled the scene of the hit-and-run.

Emergency medical personnel promptly provided critical care to the injured man before rushing him to a nearby hospital. His injuries were described as life-threatening.

It isn't clear if the shooting was accidental or intentional. Law enforcement officials are asking the public for any information that could shed light on the hit-and-run collision and subsequent self-inflicted shooting.