• Saturday, July 1, marks the 30th anniversary of the 101 California Street mass shooting, which still stands as the most fatal mass shooting in the history of San Francisco. The shooting, where a gunman entered and shot at people inside a law firm, killed eight. [ABC7]
  • Star Draymond Green is coming back to Golden State with a new four-year, $100 million deal. He apparently signed seconds after free agency opened Friday afternoon. [KRON4]
  • The San Francisco-based video game-maker Niantic, which makes the popular “Pokemon GO” mobile game, announced layoffs of about 230 employees, nearly one-quarter of the company. It also said it was stopping work on planned games like “NBA All-World” and “Marvel: World of Heroes” to reprioritize.
  • Police investigated reports of gunfire and potentially a shootout near Market Street Friday evening. Despite numerous witnesses, the shooters had already fled when police arrived. [Chronicle]
  • SFGATE has a roundup of all the new state laws that go into effect July 1. Some standouts include automatic criminal record sealing updates to attempts to stop retail theft reselling by making  “high volume” third-party sellers give bank account details and their names to online marketplaces.
  • Livermore is banning all temporary signs on public property such as sidewalks and medians, starting July 1. Even though the ban was meant to lessen the excess of political signs every election season, it also bans open house or garage sales signs. [Mercury News]

Image via Unsplash/Kyle Fritz.