Toya Zheng, the Oakland-based lawyer who went on local television to plea for the return of her two-year-old French bulldog Boba after he was stolen out of her car in April, now says the dog has been returned to her.

Zheng told KPIX on Sunday that she was contacted by a woman "out of the blue" who said she had Boba, and who agreed to hand him over at a dog park in Pittsburg. It's not clear if Zheng paid the woman the reward money that she had previously offered for the dog.

This was likely a no-questions-asked scenario, and KPIX says "There was no word on who the person was or their connection to the dog's disappearance."

Boba was stolen out of Zheng's Tesla on April 28, along with her purse. Car surveillance video from the scene showed a suspect pulling the dog out of the car, and it showed the dog resisting and trying to get away as he was being dragged toward the suspect vehicle.

"My dog was trying so hard to get away from him. But he was pulling so hard," Zheng told KPIX at the time.

Zheng said she had only parked her car near Jack London Square for two minutes while she ran into her office to retrieve something. She also said her car had been broken into in that area eight times over the course of two and a half years.

French bulldogs are among the most stolen pets in the country, sometimes fetching as much as $5,000 on the black market.

SFist has reported on multiple cases of French bulldog thefts in recent years, and not all have happy endings. In September, one family in San Leandro had their French bulldog puppy stolen, only to have him returned several weeks later via Arizona.

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