Happy Pride Month, everybody! A 20-year-old suspect who was arraigned Wednesday for an alleged hate-crime attack on two men in the Castro neighborhood Monday may be a repeat offender, according to prosecutors.

As SFist noted on Wednesday, 20-year-old Muhammed Abdullah was arrested shortly after the alleged attack on Monday morning. Police located him via a description from the victims in Dolores Park, and he's been detained since then. His mental competency has not been discussed, but as the Bay Area Reporter explains regarding his Wednesday arraignment, "it took awhile" for Abdullah to make it into the courtroom because, an SF's Sheriff's Deputy was heard saying, he was "in the tank screaming" for some time.

Once in the courtroom on Wednesday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney Jamal Anderson described the attack in which Abdullah was allegedly following two men, a 40-year-old and a 58-year-old, yelling various homophobic things, and allegedly saying "kill the gays."

He also is alleged to have thrown a glass object that struck the 40-year-old, and the victims then called police.

As the Bay Area Reporter reports, according to Anderson, Abdullah is also suspected of "tearing down a Pride flag at a nearby store" and attacking people "at some kind of street fair near the Castro." Anderson countered a public defender's claim that Abdullah posed no threat, saying his suspected actions "clearly indicat[ed] a targeted attack on this community."

Also, in the courtroom, Abdullah reportedly did himself no favors with an outburst, saying that no matter whether a person is Christian, Jewish or Muslim, that being LGBTQ goes "against God."

"What the LGBT community is doing to kids is disrespectful to everyone who stands for God," Abdullah reportedly said, echoing the current zeitgeist on the right of bringing kids into every culture-war argument about queer and trans civil liberties. (There is simultaneously an effort in the Temecula, California school district to scrub a mention of Harvey Milk from the curriculum because, the school board president says, Milk was a "pedophile" — something that he is basing on a mention in a biography about Milk having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old when he was 33.)

Per the BAR, he also said "The LGBT community is going against families," adding that that's "so fucked up," and telling the judge, "You know the truth."

Public Defender Tehanita Taylor tried to characterize Abdullah's comments to the men in the Castro as "sarcastic," and per the BAR she said that he "doesn't have a lot of family," and "has some religious principles he was socialized in."

Abdullah continues to be held in custody, and Judge Victor M. Hwang said that if he were to release him, it would be with stay-away orders, likely pertaining to the Castro area.

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Photo: Eli Armas