• One of the people injured in Tuesday morning's car crash at 16th and Potrero has died. The victim was a bystander, and while the suspect still has not been named, we have learned that the carjacked vehicle was a city-owned pickup truck. [KTVU]
  • One employee in a business that was damaged in Tuesday's crash, O'Reilly Auto Parts, rushed out of the store to help one of the victims on the street. [KPIX]
  • Oakland saw a spate of 100 robberies in a single week this month, with 50 of those occurring just in one weekend and with some incidents becoming violent, according to interim Police Chief Darren Allison. [Chronicle]
  • The Oakland A's have apparently reached another tentative agreement, this time with Nevada legislators, over a funding deal for their proposed Las Vegas stadium project, the price tag for which the legislature had previously said was too high. [KRON4]
  • The House Ethics Committee probe into Rep. Eric Swalwell's interactions with a Chinese spy who did some fundraising for him several years back has concluded and no further action is being taken. [Chronicle]
  • Hillary Clinton has come out in favor of Dianne Feinstein staying in the Senate, citing Republican obstruction that would likely keep Feinstein's seat on the Judiciary Committee empty. [New York Times]
  • Cole Hardware is closing their Ninth Street location in SoMa. [Chronicle]

Photo: Luke Zhang