Some riveting and heartbreaking radio happened on WILD 94.9FM Thursday, as the crew of the JV Show broke the news of Jeffrey "JV" Vandergrift’s confirmed death as they were on the air — and his wife has spoken out in a gut-wrenching social media post.

In the near-month that WILD 94.9 DJ Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift has been missing, we became more aware that the 55-year-old Fremont native had been suffering from Lyme Disease, and experienced a symptom known as brain fog, which creates memory loss and disorientation. Days after his disappearance, his wife and fellow WILD 94.9 personality Natasha Yi released a statement that “personal information has recently been discovered that leads us to believe JV will not be coming back.” Those fears were confirmed Thursday morning when a body found floating near Pier 39 was identified as JV.

Early Friday morning, Natashi Yi spoke on social media about what she’s gong through. “I struggle to write this to you as I can barely breathe or see through the pain and tears. As many of you have already heard, the SFPD found JV,” she said. “I am devastated that the love of my life is gone. But what I do know is that JV loved his work and he loved connecting with all of you. He loved his family, and I know he loved me as much as I love him. Our bond was truly unmatched.”

“JV did not want to leave any of us,” she added.

The crew of the JV Show learned the terrible news while on the air, and had to break it to JV’s legions of fans in a segment you can listen to online. (That weekday morning show, on since 2009, is still called “The JV Show.”) Co-hosts Selena and Graham struggle through anguish and tears, while still forcing the occasional taglines like “The Bay’s Number One hit music station,” in a raw and emotional on-air segment.

“I’m going to need your help, Graham,” Selena says to her co-host.“Breaking news this morning, I’m reading it here on KTVU Fox 2 that they confirmed that [the body found] was JV.”

“I thought the hard part was over. We came back this week and talked about regular stuff and stupid Vanderpump Rules,” she struggles to say. “He was happy, he was healthy, that’s how I’m going to continue to remember him, pre-Lyme. Let’s just continue to please, please, please think of Natasha and send her all of your love and positivity to his mom and sister. So just please just continue to think of them.”

“Most people listening had no idea what he was going through off the air,” Graham adds. “Selena, you and I saw it each day. It was magic what he was doing, that he was still able to still come to the show and deliver what he was. Because in between, in commercials and songs, he was broken.”

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Image: @NatashaYi via Twitter