After a spate of incidents made the news recently involving Bay Area kids bringing weapons to school and stabbing their classmates, we're getting news of multiple incidents of mob violence among school-age kids at Stonestown Galleria.

Supervisor Myrna Melgar, whose district includes the Stonestown mall, put out an alert for parents on Twitter on Sunday, warning them to keep track of their kids on social media.

"Over the past couple of weeks, there have altercations between young folks at Stonestown mall resulting in physical injuries," Melgar wrote. "Stonestown private security was overwhelmed and SFPD officers were deployed. Videos of the altercations have been posted and promoted on Instagram live."

One video, posted Sunday to the Instagram account @sfstreets415, shows a large group of deplorable teens on the second level of the food court area at the mall, and it appears multiple people were kicking an individual who was on the ground.

The mall has been a hangout for teenagers after school for decades, and some locals may say that this type of thing has always happened. But Melgar suggests that social media may be playing a role in encouraging an uptick in violence. "It’s fueling this kind of activity," Melgar tells the Chronicle.

And SFPD public information officer Robert Rueca says in a statement to the Chronicle, "This display of violence in the mall is not a common occurrence."

On Monday, Rueca says it will be increasing the presence of police on foot patrols in the mall, saying that officers will "immediately address any criminal acts of violence."

Melgar said in her tweet that these incidents are becoming particularly common on Wednesdays, which are early-release days at nearby schools.

KPIX reports that the most recent incidents occurred on Friday, the first being a "beat-down" at the Stonestown Target store, which was recorded on multiple teens' cellphones as it was occurring.

"A short time later, another attack broke out in the Stonestown food court. It's unclear if it involved the same group of students," KPIX tells us, possibly referring to the incident seen in the above video. "Two victims were assaulted although the attackers focused mostly on one young person."

That latter incident was described by the Chronicle as involving around 100 individuals, and the paper also mentioned an incident earlier in the week involving around 50. Two juveniles were reportedly injured in the incident on Friday.

Melgar further said that the school district should be taking advantage of funding passed under Prop G, for after-school programming. And she said she would be working with the Department of  Children, Youth and Their Families to find solutions as well.

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