• Another atmospheric river is headed for California between Sunday and Wednesday. Enjoy a few dry days, because early next week more rain is likely — though the hardest-hit areas and timing are still unclear. [KRON4]
  • A 17-year-old girl was struck and killed in a hit-and-run collision in Pittsburg Tuesday evening. The girl, on foot, was said to be crossing Stoneman Avenue at the time, on her way toward Golden Gate School. [KPIX]
  • A five-year-old girl had to be rescued after becoming trapped in a bathroom of a Pittsburg learning center on Tuesday after a tree fell and damaged the building. The child was uninjured, and there were about 20 children on the scene. [KRON4]
  • One new user of Meta's metaverse, a.k.a. Horizon Worlds, a professor on the East Coast, describes it as "sort of desolate, like an abandoned mall." Also, you're constantly having to deal with children who've absconded with their parents' headsets and are running around the metaverse asking if you like poop. [NY Mag]
  • Now Credit Suisse is in crisis, with comments from its CEO sparking a global sell-off and a precipitous drop in its share price. [Bloomberg]
  • All around the Tahoe area, roof collapses are happening about daily due to major snow accumulation. [KPIX]
  • Some longtime cash-only businesses in SF's Chinatown are adopting card-readers in order to attract more customers. [Chronicle]

Photo: Darwin Bell/Instagram