One car caught fire at the SF International Airport parking lot Wednesday morning, which quickly spread to three cars, though flights and schedules were not affected and no one was injured.

This week’s powerfully gusty winds have been the main cause of concern at San Francisco International Airport, as flights were delayed more than an hour Tuesday by winds that were nearly 75 mph. But another monkey wrench was thrown into the SFO mix early Wednesday morning, as the Chronicle reports that three cars caught on fire at the SFO long-term parking lot, for reasons that are not at all clear.  

“Our #SFFDSFO @flySFO is on scene of a car fire that has spread to a total of three cars on fire at the long term parking,” the SF Fire Department tweeted at 7:19 a.m. “This is not impacting any of @flySFO services but is producing noticeable smoke. No injuries and should be resolved soon.”

By 7:20 a.m., KCBS was reporting that “The smoke is clearly visible at the 380 and 101 interchange.”

Fortunately, the whole mess was resolved before 8 a.m. “This fire is now out with no injuries,” the fire department announced at 7:55 a.m. “It involved 1 car on fire and caused damage to two additional cars on the fifth floor. No injuries occurred as a result and no impact to field or to terminal operations occurred.”

So the whole thing was quickly dealt with, and there was no hardship for anyone other than the three car owners who will return to that long-term parking lot to an unpleasant surprise.  But still, according to the Chronicle, “The cause of the fire was not immediately clear.”

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Image: DLR Group