The weight of massive snow accumulation on rooftops has led to at least two destroyed buildings in the Tahoe area and Sierra foothills, with more perhaps to come.

Residents of Lake Tahoe and surrounding communities that have seen intense amounts of snowfall the past few weeks are being advised to get their roofs professionally cleared of snow if they are seeing significant accumulation there. This comes as reports are trickling in of destroyed buildings whose roofs caved in under the weight of a lot of snow.

One of those was the congregation meeting hall of Calvary Chapel Foresthill, in the Placer County community of Foresthill, which experienced a roof collapse Tuesday night. Church rep Janice Allen shared the news with its congregation on Facebook, saying, "It is with sad news that I inform you, that last night the Carpenters Place (where we meet) roof collapsed from the snow load. I think the damage is total."

Photo via Calvary Chapel Foresthill/Facebook

Allen added, "Like Pastor Dan said, 'it is not the building but the people that make up the church.'"

Pastor Daniel Cordova spoke to KPIX, saying of the first time he saw the damage, "Honestly, like, I just gasped, and I don't normally gasp, that's not something I do, I just saw it, and I was like 'oh.'"

In the community of Foresthill, just a day earlier, a deadly porch collapse due to the weight of snow took the life of an 80-year-old woman.

One are resident, Jay Davis, tells KPIX, regarding the snow, "I've never seen it this bad. It's pretty horrible."

As KRON 4 further reports, "In the South Lake Tahoe area, a warehouse building on the 1100 block of Melba Drive was found completely buried and crushed under the weight of the snow by crews from the South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue."

That building had last been seen standing on Tuesday.

South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue posted to social media, advising residents, “Consider snow loads on your own roof. Hire experts to remove snow if you are seeing greater than 3’ on your roof."

Whole communities in the Sierra have lost power in the recent storms, and PG&E continues working to restore it.

The recent snowfall, on top of significant accumulation from last week and the week before, has caused avalanches and plenty of other troubles for the Tahoe area. One apartment building near Palisades Tahoe was partially buried by an avalanche and had to be evacuated. And on Wednesday morning we learned that there were hundreds of cars stranded on I-80, with trucks backed up for miles near the Nevada border after whiteout conditions over night Tuesday into Wednesday.