We already knew that a fatal February 22 100-mph rollover crash in Fairfield involved an allegedly carjacked vehicle, but we’re now learning that the three who died were teenagers whom authorities say had been on a three-day crime spree that left one man shot and paralyzed.

It was the early morning hours last Wednesday when a 100-mph rollover crash in Fairfield took the lives of the three individuals in  the car, who were being pursued by the Solano division of the California Highway Patrol on suspicion that their vehicle was carjacked. The names of the three victims were not disclosed, as next-of-kin were still being notified.

Well, we now know the name of one of the deceased, but not the two others, because it turns out they were minors. The Bay Area News Group reports that the three suspects had allegedly been on a three-day crime spree that only ended with the fatal crash. The driver was identified 18-year-old Jackari Taylor of Vallejo, the two passengers were a 17-year-old male identified as J.W., and a 16-year-old female identified as J.D. None survived the crash.

The spree reportedly began shortly before 10 p.m. Monday night, February 20. An unidentified man met up with the female J.D., and per statements from the Solano County DA, “he felt something didn’t feel right and had asked J.D. if she was setting him up.” That was apparently the case, as that victim was soon jumped by “two black men wearing ski masks,” he was shot in the back, and remains hospitalized (and currently paralyzed) at an undisclosed ICU.

The following night at about 7:30 p.m., the trio allegedly met up with an unidentified 17-year-old in Vallejo. They reportedly produced guns, and stole the 17-year-old’s necklace and his car. That car, a white Hyundai, would be the fatal crash vehicle some five hours later.

CHP Solano received a call that the stolen vehicle was spotted going eastbound on I-80 near Red Top Road. They attempted a traffic stop, but the driver Taylor sped up to an estimated 120 miles per hour, and the was unable to navigate the turn at the Suisun Valley Road exit. All three suspects were ejected from the vehicle (none were earring seat belts), all three died of their injuries.

Per Bay Area News Group, “At the scene of the crash, officers found two firearms: an AR-15 military-style rifle loaded with a high-capacity, 30-round magazine on the lap of a male juvenile passenger; a Polymer 80 Glock-style handgun (a ghost gun) loaded with a high-capacity, 30-round magazine lying next to the driver. The ghost gun had been modified to fire fully automatically. The necklace of the second victim also was found at the crash site.”

This remains an ongoing investigation. If you have any information on this incident, you’re asked to call the Solano County Major Crimes Task Force at (707) 784-1828.

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Image: CHP Solano via Facebook