Joe Biden has a challenger for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, and it's crystal-slinging self-help author Marianne Williamson, who just announced that she’s throwing her hat in the ring to run for president again.

If you recall the early days of the 2020 presidential race, you might remember an early Democratic candidate, self-help author and one-time Oprah Winfrey “spiritual advisor” Marianne Williamson. Widely considered a comic-relief candidate, Williamson’s campaign did not even make it to the first-on-the-calendar Iowa caucus, as she dropped out of the race a month before the first contest.  But the AP reports that Marianne Williamson is running for president again in 2024, and again pursuing the Democratic nomination.  

“On Saturday, March 4, I will formally announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president,” Williamson announced in the Facebook post above. “We are not living in easy times, but the times will change when we are willing to change them. I feel my forty years being up close and personal with the trauma of so many thousands of individuals gives me a unique perspective on what is needed to help repair America.”

The Washington Post scored the first Williamson interview as a (repeat) candidate. “President Biden is doing his best to help people survive an unjust system. A Democratic president should be doing much more,” she told the Post. “We need to offer people more than the alleviation of their stress. We need to offer fundamental economic reform. Nothing short of that will beat the Republicans in 2024.”

Williamson does have an opening to actually win one primary this time around. The Democratic National Committee changed the primary calendar so South Carolina goes first, instead of the usual Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary. New Hampshire has indicated they just might ignore that and hold their primary early anyway. If that happened, Biden might refuse to participate. In which case, yes, Marianne Williamson could win the New Hampshire primary uncontested, though those delegates would likely not be counted at the convention.

Williamson is old (70), but not Joe Biden-old (80 years old). Still, it’s hard to see what momentum her campaign would have left from 2020. So in terms of what would happen if Marianne Williamson ran against Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, the result already seems crystal clear.

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Image: RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 16: Marianne Williamson attends the In goop Health Summit San Francisco 2019 at Craneway Pavilion on November 16, 2019 in Richmond, California. (Photo by Ian Tuttle/Getty Images for goop)