A low-pressure system will make its way from British Columbia down to California this week, bringing cold temperatures, strong winds, and the possibility of both rain and snow to the Bay Area.

Although San Francisco is seeing temperatures up in the 60s Saturday, the nice weather should flip on Tuesday when the low-pressure system descends, according to the Chronicle’s meteorology team.

It’s not certain yet how much moisture will accompany the low-pressure system, but because it’s approaching the Bay from over the Pacific Ocean, it could easily pick up some more, which would lead to some rain showers from Tuesday night through Friday morning.

And the freezing air in the system could also mean that morning lows could easily drop to 30 degrees before sunrise across the East Bay, particularly in Dublin and Walnut Creek on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

There is a chance that these factors combined could mean that some areas, particularly at higher elevations such as the Berkeley and Oakland Hills, would see some light snowfall. However, these would likely just be flurries that don’t stick on the ground, the Chronicle reported.

The places nearby with the highest chances of snowfall are the Diablo Range and the highest peaks of the Santa Cruz Mountains, which are likely to see at least half an inch to an inch of snow.

It would be a rare occurrence for the region, which, as residents know, typically experiences mild winters with no snow. San Francisco will probably avoid snow, however, due to the marine layer.

Meteorologists warned that residents should watch for icy roads and take necessary precautions.

Image via Unsplash/Andre Tan.