Established in 1858, 7 Mile House at the SF-Brisbane border turns 165 years old on Saturday, and is celebrating with $1.65 Jack Daniels shots, free adobo, and the Kindle release of the book detailing the Gold Rush-era restaurant's (often outlaw) 165-year history.

You might know the Geneva Avenue at Bayshore Boulevard restaurant and sports bar 7 Mile House for its annual Ube Bake-Off, its seven-decker 7 Mile Burger, or its inclusion in the Chronicle’s Top Filipino Restaurants in the Bay Area list two months ago. You might not know that the place has been operating at the same SF-Brisbane location for 165 years — making it not quite the oldest but among the very oldest drinking establishments on this Peninsula — and will celebrate that 165th anniversary Saturday, February 4, with a all day celebration of history, food, and $1.65 Jack Daniels shots.

Yes, $1.65 Jack Daniels shots (though as seen above, some restrictions apply, to make sure you don't end up in the emergency room). But the all-day deals galore also include free adobe bowls at 11:30 a.m., and 11 a.m. free coffee and mimosas for those who come to hear owner Vanessa Garcia discuss the restaurant’s 165-year history. Garcia wrote the book on the place (literally) in 2018’s See You at the 7: Stories from the Last Original Bay Area Mile House, which will also be released as a Kindle e-book on Saturday.

Additionally, on Saturday 7 Mile House is also launching a self-guided QR code history tour within the restaurant.

And the history of the place is riddled with outlaw tales. “There was one owner during Prohibition who got caught transporting whiskey,” Garcia said in a Hoodline interview last year. She adds that another prior owner "was the first one who got an HUI — Horseback riding Under the Influence."

“There was another owner who used to have illegal slot machines inside 7 Mile House,” she added. “The owner’s son before me was actually featured on 20/20 in the ‘90s for housing the largest sports gambling syndicate west of the Mississippi. It was held here at 7 Mile House.”

Screenshot: 7 Mile House

When 7 Mile House was established in 1858, there was also a 1-, 2-, and 3-Mile house along the same road into town, each signifying the distance to the city’s northern end. “Mile houses were established during the 1850s, during the Gold Rush,” Garcia told Hoodline. “They served as stagecoach stops, pony express routes. They were bars, hotels, and even brothels.”

Of the 7 Mile House’s previous owners, dating back since 1858, Garcia joked, “Each owner did something illegal. Except for me!”

7 Mile House’s 165th anniversary party is Saturday, February 4, at 11:30 a.m., at 2800 Bayshore Blvd., Brisbane, 415-467-2343.

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Image: 7 Mile House via Yelp