SF’s oldest restaurant (that has continuously operated from the same spot) is on the market, in a deal that includes the liquor license and the old-school neon sign.

The Financial District seafood standby Tadich Grill is the oldest restaurant in San Francisco, though it originally opened as a coffee shop on Clay Street in 1849, changed its menu to steak and seafood in the late 1880s, and moved to its current California Street location in 1967. San Francisco’s oldest restaurant that has operated from the same location is Bayview’s Old Clam House on Bayshore Boulevard, which opened at that very location in 1861 as The Oakdale Bar & Clam House, and with the same “Milwaukee Steam Beer” advertisement that remains painted on the facade today.

Image: TheOldClamhouseSF.com

And the highly historic bar and clam house is now up for sale. Socketsite reported Wednesday morning that the Old Clam House is on the market for $2.75 million. SFist got on the horn and did some searching, and found a Loopnet listing advertising the Old Clam House for sale. We’ve  confirmed with the listed sales and acquisitions company Business Team that the listing is indeed legitimate and accurate, though the property’s individual listing agent has not called back as of press time.    

The Old Clam House has been closed since the shelter-in-place order was announced on March 16, 2020.

Image: Calvin T via Yelp

Even in San Francisco, $2.75 million may sound a little steep, and more of a lure to a “tear it down and build condos” kind of buyer. (The neighborhood is zoned M1, Light Industrial.) Yet the listing promotes that the 3,500 square foot Old Clam House is included in the purchase, as a “Fully equipped full service restaurant,” and on the liquor license front, “ABC 47 included.” That’s hard liquor, my friends.

We are all obviously rooting for a buyer who will keep everything at the Old Clam House exactly as it is. We want the delightfully outmoded fish-themed silverware, buffalo plaid plastic tablecloth, and walls bursting with ridiculous historical ephemera to remain in place. We want the Thanksgiving Day dinners and to make a hell of a mess of our table during Dungeness crab season. But all of this is up to a prospective new owner, and not to us.

Socketsite notes that “The Old Clam House hasn’t been recognized by the City as an official landmark or Historical Resource,” so there may be no protections to keep the place old school, or even a restaurant, for that matter. And while the Old Clam House is San Francisco’s oldest continuously operated at the same location restaurant, it is not Bayshore Boulevard’s oldest continuously operated at the same location restaurant. That distinction goes to 7 Mile House, which opened at its current location in 1858, though is technically located in Brisbane.

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Image: Iris K via Yelp