Some “unscheduled track repairs” brought down all service for a while Friday morning. BART now insists “all lines are now restored,” though commenters are noting some lingering delays.

A very difficult Friday morning for the early-bird BART commuters, because as seen below, the system posted just before 6 a.m. the dreaded  “At this moment there is no transbay service,” and “Here is a map of bus and ferry options from our stations.” According to KTVU, the trouble was that BART had to “fix a track at the 12th Street station after a maintenance vehicle damaged it overnight.”

But the problems started well before 6 a.m. Roughly 45 minutes prior, BART posted “As of 5:21 we recommend seeking alternate transportation if you need to go across the Bay. We need to temporarily suspend transbay service due to emergency track repairs in downtown Oakland.” KGO noted the root cause was “The track damaged is underground near 12th street and crews had to shut power down near that section to get specialized equipment.”

"We have major delays in all directions," BART spokesperson Jim Allison told KTVU.  Shortly after 7 a.m. it sounded like the Green line (Daly City to Berryessa) might not be back up all day. “Green line service, though, was canceled for the rest of the day,” KTVU reported shortly after 7 a.m. "Commuters could take the orange line instead."

And unsurprisingly, that same KTVU report noted that  “As a result, traffic was backing up on the Bay Bridge and other highways.”

And yet! According to an 8:10 a.m. update, “All BART lines have been fully restored.”

BART tweeted, “We are running normal blue and green line service once again.” We will note that some commenters on that tweet were quick to point out that substantial delays remained in effect, though those delays should hopefully work themselves out over the course of the morning.

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